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The effective killing space of killer is 16 SQM, without anything to abstract the killer’s lights. The killer is designed with power saving decorating soft lights so it should be used in a place without strong lights. Using the killer correctly or not would affect the killing effect. For example, using the killer in bed-room without turning on any other lights for 10-20 minutes, or put the killer in the darkness under a table while working studying are all the good ways to use the killer. Suggested using height: 0.8-1.2 meter and the distance to wall should over 0.3 meters. The best way is to put the killer before a door, a window, or any other places where easy to kill mosquitoes. We suggest using the killer 24 hours continually to extend the using limits of the fluorescent tube. In day time put some suitable lait in the killer's chassis and it can be used to kill fly. To improve the killer's killing effect it is necessary to clean the dead bodies of mosquitoes on the wire net regularly. While cleaning turn off the power. Open the chassis and sweep the wire net with soft brush.
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Product Details :-
Material Plastic
Color Multi
Type Mosquito Killer Lamp

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