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This is great little device. It lights your cigarette with a spiral heat coil. The lighter has a slide door to cover or expose the coil. It heats up whenyou open the slide. cool. It has a rubber outer coating for easy grip. It will light about 25 to 30 cigarettes before needing a recharge. You do need a place to plug the lighter into for recharging;computer or any 5v DC output with a USB port.Powered by a Rechargeable Battery. No Gas/Fuel Is Required. Can be Charged by Using USB Slot and Does Not Need Fill Any Fuel Into It Does Not Create Flame, It Is Electrically Operated and Environmentally Friendly. Uses Intense Heat to Light Cigarettes. Small Enough To Fit Into One's Pocket But It Still Strong Enough.
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Product Details :-
Body Material Plastic
Color Black
Type USB Cigarette Lighter

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